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re: Your Tax Dollars at Work...

Many people don't realize this but around 30% of the annual budget for the U.S. Government (paid for by taxpayer dollars) goes toward Discretionary Spending. Discretionary Spending is what accounts for the expenses of MOST government agencies, from HHS and Education to Energy and NASA. Now, 30% may not sound like a huge amount of money, but for the fiscal year of 2020, 30% of the budget amounts to around $1.4 TRILLION dollars!

Normally when we think about our tax dollars being SPENT, we understand that to mean that it's money we will never see again. But that is actually not true. Because these services ARE paid for using tax dollars, it means that we are ENTITLED to the benefits of the programs but ALSO to the content created by those programs! 

What does that mean for you and me? It means:
  • Photographs taken for these agencies belong to taxpayers.
  • Articles and books written by these agencies belong to taxpayers.
  • Audio and video recordings created by these agencies belong to taxpayers.
  • Research conducted by these agencies belong to taxpayers.
In other words, ANY U.S. government works created by a federal government employee as part of their official duties does NOT qualify for copyright and is in the Public Domain BECAUSE it was paid for using taxpayer dollars!
Most People Aren’t Even Aware of This Loophole!
What This “Loophole” Means for You and Me!
New information-based content is being created EVERY DAY and has been since the founding of our country nearly 245 years ago. Let that sink in for a moment...

I'm not just referring to information and visual content created over the past few years...ALL content generated by government employees from ALL the presidencies is in the Public Domain! Wow! And the CRAZY part is that this “loophole” isn't going away. There will be MORE content created NEXT year, and the year after that, and so on!

Oh, and did I mention that this amazing “Motherlode” of information and media has been and is being created by many of the smartest and top minds available in their respective fields? YES!

And therein lies the opportunity for you and me!
Perhaps You’re Wondering...
    • “What do I do with this government content?”
    • “Where do I find the BEST content?”
    • “How do I know FOR SURE that I can use the content?”
    • “Can I get into trouble for using government-produced content?”
    • “If it's such a big deal, why aren't more people using this content?”

All GREAT questions and EACH one will be addressed IN DETAIL in my latest “Hacks” training...
Introducing...“Public Domain Government Hacks”
In this BRAND-NEW Public Domain Workshop, you will discover how you can easily tap into the Trillions of dollars worth of information and media content created by the U.S. Government each year!

Here is what we will be covering during this comprehensive Workshop:
  • Module One: Business Content Hacks – Regardless of the type of business you're involved in or wish to create, there is government-created information you can leverage into products, articles, blog posts and more!
  • Module Two: Multimedia Hacks – More, now than ever, customer acquisition and engagement demands that we use images, photographs, video and audio as a part of our product creation and sales process. The good news is that there is a neverending supply of multimedia content available from the government.
  • Module Three: Obscure & Controversial Hacks – Believe it or not, the government funds a LOT of strange research and projects using taxpayer dollars. From UFOs to surviving a zombie apocalypse, there is a TON of weird and little-known content available to us for the taking!
During the workshop, I will reveal the best strategies I've uncovered over the years for finding and using this MASSIVE amount of content from the U.S. Government. It's payback time to have those tax dollars work for YOU...and I'll show you how!

This is honestly going to be an exciting training that you definitely do NOT want to miss! 
Your Investment TODAY...
This workshop easily shares enough value and insights to justify a $297 price point...but I also recognize the importance of getting this information into as many of your hands as possible. 

For those reasons and others, I am positioning this workshop so that YOU can make an EASY buying decision, which is why I have decided to decrease the Introductory Pricing to...
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  • Ongoing Access to ALL Video Replays and Materials
  • Training Slides PDF from All Three Modules
  • BONUS: Info Gold Extreme (my first in-depth training on government content)
  • BONUS: Transcript PDFs for all three modules!
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